Knowing the Love

Recently I heard a quick meditation about receiving the love which is given us from our divine origins so I wanted to pass this along.  It sounded easy and I wanted to feel the love anyway so I gave it a try.  The result was very interesting to say the least.  Some of us (myself included) have a challenge about letting other give to us so this is a great exercise to practice anyway.

Sitting still and being calm, open the heart chakra as wide as possible.  Ask your Soul or whomever you desire (multidimensional speaking) to show you the love they have for you.

Sit with this and enjoy it and/or practice it often to work with allowing ourselves to receive.

It’s always interesting to hear about results with a meditation like this so feel free to leave a note.



2 thoughts on “Knowing the Love

  1. What a Beautiful Practice… How often do we ‘forget’ that we have All That Love, right inside of us? We get so ‘caught up’ in the ‘outside’, we miss our own connection to Source. Who IS & has All Ways been, LOVE. And who has advised, “Above All else LOVE!” And when we connect… Ask… Look! There it is! LOVE! More vast than any Ocean, more multifaceted than any universe, more unconditional than we can perceive, LOVE! What a Gift… Thank You for the meditation/exercise/practice. Heavenly!

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