Where is my spiritual GPS?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a map of where we’re going on our path?  We in fact do have just a system, most commonly this is referred to as our Guides or Guidance.  A very catchy title but exactly correct and to the point.

Our Guidance is our spiritual GPS, they know the greater plan which we are not privileged to see as an incarnate being.  And just who is this guidance anyway?  There are many opinions about this, some will say they are a team of angelic beings assigned to us at birth and they change as we grow.  Others will say they are the rest of our soul including our Higher-self which are not just “assigned” to us but when combined together with us they form the greater self or more to the point our entire soul.

Working with our guidance is not only important if we want to maximize the potentials of our incarnation but extremely advisable.  In the conditions we are here to work under we have less than a good idea of what we’re trying to accomplish.  Even if we think we know the chances are slim of actually knowing the majesty of the true plan for this incarnation.  Our intellect and Ego may believe they have all the answers but these are three dimensional ideas about where we should be.  The intellect and ego may have ideas which are inflated in scope or may even fall far short of our true potentials we have.  It’s up to us to understand that our guidance is here and waiting to help us if we will only ask and allow them to lead us in the correct direction.  This allowance goes against the ego and intellect’s nature of already knowing what’s best and being in control.  It’s here we have the opportunity to learn.



2 thoughts on “Where is my spiritual GPS?

    • Yes, another common ways is with telepathy/mediumship. I can’t speak for any one except myself but all my life I’ve talked to myself. It wasn’t until I studied channeling (which is much more than many people think it is) that I realized I had been talking to my Higher-self all that time. The joke is my Higher-self was just waiting for me to understand what I was really doing. I was talking to myself but it was a different part of myself, a multidimensional part.

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