Half full or half empty?

This is to revisit the longstanding perspective relating to how we view life.  Let’s also directly tie “every cloud has a silver lining” to the half full/empty perspective creating an expanded spiritual understanding in the process.

The perspective of how we view a half a glass of let’s say water is telling as to how we see life itself.  Do we give thanks for half a glass of water or do we feel in lack for not having a full glass?  In a spiritual view this sets the stage for how guidance will present the circumstances of life giving us the lessons most needed.  Seeing a half empty glass denotes a perception of being in lack.  The presented lessons will test us with more lack giving us a chance to revisit our perspective to see a different way of thinking.  Many (probably everyone) will go through life after life working to understand this fundamental spiritual principal.  If we see abundance we’ll have more of that.  We have the power to create all that we desire if we’ll only see that we have this power then learn how to use it.  One understanding of this would be we manifest what we focus on most, if we focus on lack we’ll have more lack and if we focus on abundance we’ll have more of this too.

Taking into account a spiritual definition of abundance which could be something like having what you need to be comfortable rather than a billion or two dollars in the bank, abundance is much easier to have.  (Unless maybe you’re giving A LOT of money away to help others do you really need that much?)  The new energy of Earth is about giving not about greed as it has been for eons.

Moving on to the silver lining, every experience we have is a learning experience.  Some of these experiences are not as welcome as others although they’re still an opportunity to learn since we learn from both what we’ve liked and didn’t like.  Lack for most of us would not be on the top of the list for situations we’d elect to experience.  Being in lack is also a teacher when we see the lessons presented as are all the other trials we face in life.  At the times when things don’t go the way we think they should being disappointed as a result is a time to look for the lesson.  If we could see the bigger picture it would be easier to see that getting a flat tire may have stopped us from being injured in an auto accident.  Even the new job we applied for and didn’t get could have been a disaster for us even though it looked so great.  Each event in our lives has an opportunity to see it as lack or abundance independent of the lesson.  The way we view every event in our lives changes the events in the future.

We have more power than we could ever imagine to change our lives.  It starts with how we see our world right down to every facet of life itself.  It’s a good place to start in knowing that what seems to be a problem in our lives has a good reason to be that way so we can learn from it.


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