Outside a Box of Consciousness

We as humans are very adept at categorizing and placing labels on everything from objects to experiences.  This is to be expected as the way our brains work is by comparing every experience we’ve ever had to everything we encounter.  We each set-up our world based on our experiences forming our belief system to match those experiences.

The first experience we have in a category is the one all others are measured by.  All too often we are unwilling to reassess our positions in light of new information about what we’ve placed in our box of consciousness rejecting those new thoughts as falsehoods. For those not being inclined to see other possibilities this seriously limits the potential of growth and understanding we could enjoy.

The talent is in being able to open our box allowing new concepts to be considered and tested for validity without undue prejudgment.  Openness will allow us to grow beyond the concepts we hold as true to perhaps see a larger truth.  The time may even come when we see it as appropriate to remove the box altogether living outside the limitations of a box of consciousness.


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