Traveling Uncharted Territory

The journey through life is complicated and at some times especially so.  The lessons are many complete with the one which are harder to win.  For those seeking the assistance of their guidance to maneuver the minefields of life we are all too often left without a clear idea of which way to turn when faced with important choices.  Much to our disappointment at times when we ask for help to decide an important issue we are greeted with the sound of crickets rather than the sound advice we were seeking.  

The greatest understanding we can have is in how unconditionally we are loved.  Guidance would love to tell us everything although our learning would suffer for it.  It is by our own intuition we must learn to navigate this path in life seeing beyond our self-imposed limits in order to grow into being more than we think we are.

Those who have had the experience of being a parent can relate to how we explain many things to our children but at times we can only watch while they “learn” the lessons for themselves, in this same way we’re left to “figure it out” on our own at times as this is the way lessons have the greatest long lasting impact.


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