Rushing down our path in life

All too often we find ourselves or hear others talking about being in a hurry to finish a spiritual goal or to get going faster down the path in life.  This perspective is a common one although it may be a misperception of the way this works best. (or at all)

Being in a hurry fits the life of today for many people bringing to mind the saying about stopping to smell the roses.  Too much can be unappreciated or completely overlooked by being in a hurry.  The analogy is like getting on a jet to fly from coast to coast.  We’d miss all the experiences in between just for getting there faster.  The experiences we’d miss could have been priceless.  Many people seem to see the spiritual journey in the same way, I just want to get there now.

What if it were intended to have our path unfold before us at its own pace rather than rushing to get somewhere.  It may prove to be counterproductive not beneficial to rush our learning and growth faster than is in the divine plan.  By pushing the schedule we are arriving at our destination before our reservation is ready and days before our planned meeting is to happen.  If this be true then allowing our future to come to us could be a more desirable way which gives us time to work on ourselves to be ready for when everything else will be set-up for us to receive it.


One thought on “Rushing down our path in life

  1. Part of the fun and beauty is on the journey itself. I’m so glad it’s not rushed, because I’m witnessing miracles along the way.

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