Has the past really departed from us?

In terms of the Akash or Karma and more directly who and how we think today is as a direct result of what we’ve experienced in the past, not just last year but on a larger scale from other incarnations, lives.  Most of us would think “that was then, today I’m different” so it has no lasting effect on me.  We are more like chapters in a book, in each incarnation or life we live our story as we evolve so we are subject to what happened in the previous chapters shaping who we are and how we think today.

Fears, phobias, likes and dislikes are just a small part of how our past reflects on who we are today, each plays an important part in creating our personality.  Our past track record of experience has a direct influence on what we do today.  If for example someone were a sailor in many former incarnations it has an influence on wanting to return to a carrier on the ocean again.  These are then set as “something familiar” so we tend to be drawn back to those familiar thing again.

One example is a person who had a fear of fire.  There was no bad or traumatic experience in this incarnation with fire which would account for this fear.  Although in a past incarnation they were living in Salem, Massachusetts during the time when people were burned at the stake receiving firsthand experience with fire.

In this example it can be seen what we have lived in the past is still part of us today.  People having phobias are reacting to past experience just as much as someone wanting to be a fireman. (again)


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