What is our higher consciousness?

Our higher consciousness resides both within us and around us.  We are never separated from this higher-self portion of our soul.  We are in constant communications regardless of our being aware of this.  Our higher consciousness or higher self is one of the portions of us which could not be with us fully as part of the consciousness we’ve come to know as us.  The largest reason for this is the higher self knows the things we’re not ready to understand yet.  We’re here to learn many thing just to be ready for higher thoughts.

The higher self will bring forward many thoughts of understanding and guidance to us each day assisting us to make better choices.  The trick is to perceive these messages as coming from this higher source rather than just being idle chatter in our head.  The best way to separate the words of guidance and those of the subconscious, ego or other energies is to listen to the words.  The higher self will never berate us in any way, we are only spoken to in love and in a loving way.  Anything we head which says “we’ve really made a mess of it” is not from our higher self so we’d be best served to ignore those.

Depending on our level of talent in listening to guidance we may hear words or receive thoughts or intuitions maybe even pictures.  It matters not how we communicate with our higher self only that we make the effort.


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