The Puzzles of Life

Long ago philosophers mused about the correlations between life and a puzzle.  We each have our work of art to assemble on this journey.  In a larger aspect we are also working on a puzzle which spans many incarnations, in each we add to our work of art.  At the same time we’re busy with our own masterpiece we’re adding this to an even greater work of art belonging to humanity itself.

The more we contemplate our puzzle and where it fits into the larger puzzle of humanity the greater our view is of how it all works.  In this we see more to the reasons why we are the way we are and how we fit into this bigger puzzle interacting with others also playing their part in this greater puzzle as well.

One of the points where our puzzles interface with others is in personal relations.  Most of us have had others come into our lives seemingly just to irritate us.  In a larger view this irritation gives us the opportunity to see where we may want to heal ourselves to any sensitivity which was presented.  This interaction is common through out life which is usually perceived as “their problem.” Seeing these as a blessing to show us where we have some sensitivity takes understanding and practice.


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