Asking God for Help

At some point in most of our lives we feel a need to ask for help from a higher power in our desperation to resolve a situation we find ourselves in.  Even those being less inclined to believe in God may find they’re willing to give it a try.

In asking God or any Divine Being for help, what can we expect?  We do have an expectation on some level to receive what it is we’ve ask for.  We usually expect to get it in a direct and timely way.  These are our expectations of God although what we will receive is seldom what we expect.  In spiritual terms “expectations” are something to be avoided as those are our own preconceived notions about how the help would look and these are seldom realistic.  Depending on our request we may not perceive anything happening at all.  This does not mean our request has fallen short of being heard.  The response may be in the process of being granted, it may be something given us later in life or it could be something which was not in our higher good to have in spiritual terms.

Another consideration is despite the opinion of some we are also Divine beings.  We are taking part in a great project here on earth and to do this we come here in a reduced form. (also see “It’s a Divine Job We Do” for more information) We are all part of the greater God, as such we are at times the delivery system for what others have asked for.  This said, we are best served to be open as to where the answer to our request will come from.


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