Karma, more than system to balance experiences

Karma has greater functions than just keeping track of our experiences to preserve the equality.  The karma also keeps reminding us of the things we’ve done or felt before.  Both the things we think that are darker and those we find to be good.  We are given feelings of familiarity to signal us of our past.  This extends from being in the same kind of job to finding the same kind of person to be in a relationship with.

The deeper implications are what we’ve thought in the past about ourselves coming back to us in each life which usually magnifies them even more.  Those who’ve had self-worth thoughts will have them presented again, those who’ve had the feelings of being poor and destitute will revisit these feeling again.  The single most powerful thing is our own thoughts, we reinforce these thoughts each time we rethink them so what we think over and over again becomes our reality regardless of what’s true or false.  Being stuck on having lives without problems and having wealth presents little to be concerned about.  If we’re stuck on the old false thought patterns these cycles will remain in effect until we’ve seen them for what they truly are, false shadows of our past thinking.  Even though these past images are as invalid today as they were when we first accepted them, they keep recycling in our minds imprinting themselves on us now.

Until we choose to recognize these self defeating patterns they’ll remain as shadows in the Akash until we confront them and reprogram the old beliefs.


3 thoughts on “Karma, more than system to balance experiences

    • As always a “viewpoint” is a matter of what we’ve been shown, this is where we get our different perspectives of life from. Since in spiritual terms there is no right or wrong in any viewpoint we only have the differences. If this viewpoint gives an opportunity to review seeing a different way then my role is complete.

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