What you think is what you get

What we believe to be true is not always so or even in our best interest.  We find thoughts we can mold into a shape which fits the circumstances we see and accept these as being the truth of a situation.  Like any puzzle, the shape may fit but the picture may lack compatibility with everything else around.  This would be a spiritual view about the stories we make up about our lives to explain why we are the way we are.

We shape our reality without even knowing we can do this.  We hold an image of what we think is the truth no matter if it really is or not.  In so doing reality shifts to fit our thoughts patterns on a personal level.  Our own thoughts set up a “cause and affect” in the universe which writes how reality is presented to us.  If people think they don’t have enough money will live in lack.  If people think everyone hates them, they will have a hard time finding friends.  Those feeling everything will go wrong will find this to be true in their lives.  These thoughts affect what happens or will not happen in our lives.  People do this every day and have for centuries.  This message has been pointed out in books, speeches and in blogs before, the message is important enough to repeat over and over again until more people understand they can change their lives just by thinking differently.


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