The Ego, Then and Now

If you follow a desire to be more spiritual then chances are you’ve been aware of how the Ego plays a LARGE part in what and how we think or feel especially in the area of feelings.  The Ego is a part of us and it will always be this way.  The Ego is a source of drive to achieve goals so without an Ego the emphasis to do anything is hard to find.  As humans living in Duality the Ego has seen its role to be greater than the Divine function would suggest.  The Ego sees itself as a protector and a navigator for our life steering us to and away from what the Ego feels is good for us.

Entering into a quest for spiritual growth or even before what the Ego has been doing is something we’ve become accustom to as we’ve always lived with the Ego.  The time comes when the Ego begins to be seen as the obstructionist in our lives stepping in the way of our progress towards a goal WE want.  Gaining the upper hand on the Ego is not an easy task.  After we’ve begun to see how the Ego impacts us and we’ve become unhappy with the interference then working with our Guidance is extremely helpful to make a push towards overcoming the Ego in our lives.  The Ego has branched out getting into every aspect of our lives and is the driving force behind such emotions as; anger, fear, greed, hate, guilt, self doubt and the feelings of not being good enough, just to name a few and with that said we’ll make a special point to say Depression is also something the Ego has a finger in.  The Ego is the provider of lower emotional feelings although some may suggest the Ego is directly involved with Love which is true but it’s only in the lower aspects like jealousy and mistrust.

If this wasn’t enough to work with here’s another something to consider.  What we were in a past life and how we acted then creates our Karma which also has the fingerprints of our Ego all over it.  To work towards cleaning up the Ego today we have the past to attend to as well if we want to be truly effective.

An effective way to contend with the Ego is in taking a step by step approach.  The Ego is wide spread to say the least so an all out confrontation would be a hard one to win.  Working with our guidance in one area at a time makes an opening for small victories which will add up in retaking the ownership of our life.


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