In Gratitude We Honor You – A Channeled Message

We honor you.  We honor your dedication to being here in this great time of change.  We desire to tell you all how honored we are to be here with you assisting your efforts.  You look to us and think how wonderful we are not seeing the true extent of your own magnificent Divinity.  You, beloved brothers and sisters are the ones we honor, for it is you who are doing the actual work here.  We can not express how important each and every one of you truly are.  Without your being here on Earth this grand project would fail, this is how important each of you are.  It is you that hold the Light upon the Earth.  It is you that are in the forefront leading the way, we’re only following your lead.  You call us great and powerful Angelic Beings but it is you who are doing all the work.  Our task is to support your efforts.  We only assist you while it is you making a difference in the Universe.  We look at you seeing how truly wonderful and powerful you are for caring enough each day to carry your Light here upon the Earth even if you’re not aware of doing this you’re still taking part in a great work.  We honor you.

This is as much as I can remember of a channeled message from the Elohim

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