A Message from the Angles

Dearly beloved there is something we desire you to hold in your hearts this day.  For as many times we hear you cry out, we are powerless to help you until we are asked to enter into your lives.  We watch in all the triumphs and struggles.  We are only allowed to stand by cheering you on or to cry with you until the time comes when each will ask for help.  We ask you to open your hearts so that we may enter your lives to show you another way to be.  We would be honored to help you to the extent we are allowed to do so.  You, dear ones are our brothers and sisters, for Divine reasons we are only permitted to help when we are asked.  We are here in support of your every effort as you walk your path in life so please allow us the honor and joy of touching your lives.

Many Blessings, Your Guidance


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