The Belief System, Fighting Ourselves

What we believe is far more important than many would understand.  If we truly believe we can not accomplish a certain task, then no matter how hard we try it won’t happen.  We have setup our own roadblocks to stand in our way without even knowing it.

The spiritual goals are the most affected by our beliefs or what we disbelieve is possible or not.  These beliefs are stored within our Akashic records and impact us just as much as all the other little gems in there do.  Being free from misperceptions of our own abilities is a long road although the journey is more than worth the effort.

Working with our Guidance is a great place to start chipping away at these false beliefs.  No matter who we are we all have false beliefs, its part of the human condition and is inescapable.  Part of the Mastery journey is in seeing and working with these thought patterns which do not serve the higher good.


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