Framing of Our Thoughts

The idea of our thoughts being powerful is nothing new, this has been said for decades now.  We seldom realize just how very true this is especially when we think and rethink the same thoughts everyday.  When we focus on a false belief the repeated rehashing of our thoughts adds more emphasis to the belief allowing it to gain in strength as mentioned in “The Story.”  Seeing the truth is a matter of perceiving without the filters of these stories we’ve created for ourselves or without a predisposed cultural bias.

Our thoughts are just as powerful no matter what we’re thinking regardless of any true or false connotations.  In terms of a multidimensional view our thoughts are experiences with any connotations of right or wrong being separates out making each thought created equally.  Every truth is subject to our own personal interpretation which may not apply as truth to anyone else.  This statement flies in the face of everything we’ve held as true or correct which may only be so in our view of reality.  The “I’m right, you’re wrong” view point alone has been at the root of many conflicts through out history.  As humans we place the value connotation on every thought anyone has based on how we feel about it.

In our daily lives we always have a choice to frame our thoughts in a positive manor which in time creates a different way to think the longer we practice this.  We see our reaction to the events of the world around us shift as our view becomes less obstructed by focusing on what we don’t like in our lives.  Holding a “positive” perspective in our thoughts is more powerful than most would believe as it places us into a perspective of creating what we do want in our lives as opposed to magnifying the problems we did focus on.


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