The Hardest Part

In a Spiritual journey the first steps are the hardest to make.  As we learn we see greater things adding to our understanding which in turn allows us to learn faster.

The first step is in sensing the desire to know more about what is and has been around us in every moment of our lives.  For most of us this unseen world has been exactly that “unseen.”  Some of us have seen this world or parts of it since early in life, a few of these people have been troubled in seeing what others have not only to be taken into medical/psychiatric institutions.  The lack of understanding in our world is of concern to those gifted individuals exhibiting their gifts very early in life.

We live in a bubble of limited space separating us from the greater space of multidimensional existence.  Much like being in a goldfish bowl we have little understanding of what the conditions are like outside the bowl if we even perceive there is an outside.  A Goldfish would have no idea of how vastly different the outside world is from the conditions inside the bowl.  In creating a concept of life outside there isn’t sufficient understanding to rationalize how different it could be.  In fact the very thought of rationalizing a multidimensional world from a limited three dimensional perspective fails from the very start.

Building a foundation of awareness is in our perspective a slow process.  We are impatient to succeed and at the same time we don’t understand spiritual learning is not a linear process, it’s multidimensional.  This in itself sets up a quandary as we only know how to think in a linear way which leads to feeling stuck in a time of no growth until we begin learning to step outside of this dimension a little seeing greater perspectives.


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