The Old Soul and Knowing the Truth

Many times the concept of truth is gauged in terms of what someone wants to hear not what is actually true.  This demonstrates that even when the truth is heard many times it will be rejected if it goes against what we’ve always been told is true or what we are willing to accept as being true.  There are many examples of this, I’m sure we’ve all seen times when our understanding has changed due to a new insight yet others are unwilling to entertain this new information.  It is at these times the old soul is required to reach into the intuition to get a feeling for what is true from the misconceptions of the day or from decades past.

Mythology has become accepted for being the truth many times.  These “accepted truths” die hard usually only after centuries of being disproved.  How long did it take the myth of the “World is Flat” to pass away, and still today some living in areas of the world having little or no outside communications still hold to this myth.  The practice of Blood Letting to remove Evil Spirits from the body was another myth accepted as the truth for decades, this one seems to have passed from the medical text books of today.

We have a limited idea of how the conditions in a multidimensional universe could be.  This is understandable since we are not well equipped to perceive or conceive of how a multidimensional existence could work especially without something to compare it with.  We then fall back to drawing conclusions of how the “other side of the veil” works based on life here in a three dimensional world.  In the religious and metaphysical thinking myths abound based on half truths, misunderstandings or three dimensional conjectures which are used to create a picture of what the higher realms are like.  This has been the downfall for humans attempting to grasp the true nature of “heaven” or the higher vibrational realms of existence.

There is no comparison at all so releasing the thoughts of its being parallel in some way help.  Meditation and clearing the mind of what is thought to be real opens the door to what is as close to being real as our three dimensional understanding will permit us to know.  Working with the body’s innate intelligence will provide the “chills of validation” as another way to discern the truth from what is not.


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