A Journey of Life

Life can be an interesting experience if we learn to let it be so.  We see those seemingly to revel in the drama of lack or being a victim of life.  Life imposes no such requirement on us, we are all capable of achieving our dreams if we would only understand that our own thoughts and beliefs limit the experience we’ll have.  These thoughts of taking responsibility for ones own existence will be rejected by the majority of people on earth for it takes experience to see the value and truth within these words.  The path we plan before getting here is usually one of great possibility.  Once we get here the conditions of human existence takes a toll as the goal of our plan slips away.  This need not happen if we learn to allow our guidance to do their assigned tasks without the Ego getting into the driver’s seat.

Balancing the Duality-self is one key objective to seeing a better way.  In the term “Duality-self” we usually focus on the darker aspects such as the Ego, subconscious or the lower natures presented to mankind.  Duality is of course a balance of both light and dark working together to present a choice to us as to which path seems most desirable to us.  This state of being for the human experience is the measurement of the light/dark quotient for both the individual and humanity as a whole.  The group measurement will be used to sum the vibration rate for the earth itself, so it can be seen how important this is for the consciousness of humanity.

Contrary to the thoughts of some we are not here to suffer or to be punished for something we’ve done.  We are here to experience and learn so we may see the universe clearly if we will, suffering is an entirely optional experience.

Moving forward easily in life takes great skill, the longer one has been gaining experience the less effort is required to navigate the obstacles in life.  The fewer obstacles we encounter the more time we have to turn our attention toward seeing what is around us which others may not see while they’re busy running into obstacles.


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