Journeying into Uncharted Territories

At a point in our spiritual evolution we’ll find ourselves journeying into the unknown at least as far as linear three dimensional concepts are concerned.  Those around us we confide in as to what we’re seeing and learning about could well cast a skeptical eye our way, that is unless they outright think we’re just a bit nuts.  The thoughts and concepts we learn to embrace as the way it is finds little room to rest in the minds of those not yet on this journey.  To make the journey even more unusual is that we must walk this path with only our guidance to accompany us.

The journey into the uncharted realm of spiritual exploration has no maps as much as we’d love to have one and others would tell us they have one for us, this journey is an individual one.  My map (if I had one) would not serve anyone else.  The major guiding force to this multidimensional region of spirituality is the intuition.  The linear mind alone is not equipped to operate in a nonlinear region.  The joining of the intuition and the linear mind together yields some understanding from multidimensional confusion.

Much like the sailors of many centuries past who thought the world was flat, we set sail for lands unknown and uncharted sometimes to the concern of our friends and families. Those who love us act like we will be venturing too close to the edge of the world falling off to never be seen again.  In our hearts we understand neither the world nor the universe is flat so we have no concern of venturing too far out only to fall off into the nothingness of the unknown, this view of nothingness is exactly what those not yet having come to the spiritual place of being ready would see it as.

When the time comes for us to take the journey into this nothingness we know it is anything but empty, only the three dimensional mind finds this void area to be empty.  Actually the void is a place of all possibility containing everything that could and will ever be rather than a conceptual void.


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