The Story

This isn’t about just any story this is about our own stories.  What we’ll bring to light is about the false stories we repeatedly tell ourselves limiting our own beliefs and abilities.  In telling ourselves about what we lack and what we’re not capable of doing we creates a false vision which says we’re not good enough or even being unworthy of love, success or happiness.  These are the little things we tell ourselves which aren’t really true but we keep telling and retelling the same stories over and over again until we finally begin to believe them.  These false stories are created to justify not finding what we want or even trying to become what we’d like to be in life.  We’ve all collected some of these ranging from being unworthy to feeling ill, none of these are true about us unless we start believing them.

I have yet to meet anyone without just a few of these stories circulating in their consciousness.  I’ve identified some of these within myself, all of which are lessons waiting to be learned.  Some people I’ve worked with listen to their stories on endless playback.  Each time these stories rerun the stories get just a little bigger and deeper ingrained.  More than just standing in our own way these stories are some of the greatest lessons waiting to be learned.  We’re creating our own lessons not even being aware of them consciously so we can begin to solve them.  We created these stories to live behind the walls of self-imposed restriction while expecting to overcome them without even clearly seeing what it is we have to overcome.  Coming to see these stories for what they are could well be one of the most difficult lessons we’ll ever face in life.

Seldom do we realize our effort to justify the personal perceptions of lacking unconsciously undermines our own success.  We align ourselves with failure in what seems to be a preprogrammed response of the Ego to create a story or two making up false reasons for why we’re not achieving our goals.  Welcome to life in duality, our Ego is a major player in our lives desiring to remain in control.  It’s the stuff of the Ego to put up walls maintaining this perception of being in charge, protecting us from wondering too far from the safe well worn path we’ve always followed.  When it comes time to venture into a spiritual life these walls prevent us from seeing the greater possibilities of who we truly are.


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