Everything has Intelligence

Alright I can hear the jokes now, except my next door neighbor, except my boyfriend, you haven’t met the guy I work for.  All humor aside we live in a Universe created by a Divine intelligence or Creator energy of pure thought.  This greater intelligence/Creator’s very thoughts have been given to all things no matter how small they may be have a piece of this greater intelligence within them.  The question is, Are we perceptive enough to see this and communicate with the intelligence?

The old saying “dumb as a box of rocks” is an insult to rocks everywhere.  There’s nothing lacking in that “box of rocks,” the short-coming is in those overlooking the intelligence of the minerals.  These unassuming rocks have been here a lot longer than any of us have been on the Earth.  They’ve “seen” everything which has happened here and would tell anyone with the awareness to ask them not only what has happened but even Divine information as they are connected to all that is.  We are also connected to the same source although we are inhibited from knowing our own connections to meet the conditions we must live under to work on earth.

All things in the Universe were created by God and as such are a part of God.  In that each has a consciousness beyond the physical form we may see.  Everything from a blade of grass to the toaster will communicate with us if we’ll just take a moment to address them.  Remember, your car and your computer knows what you think about them.


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