Karma is about Balance

Karma is most often thought of as the way the universe gets even with people for doing things we feel is wrong.  The universe actually lets us decide what we’ll do to learn these important lessons.  We are not set before a tribunal and read the charges of our misdoings.  Karma is the means by which we receive the lessons of our past so we will be shown in a very personal way what we have done.

People generally think about Karma as a way life gets even for doing something wrong although Karma is not just a way to get even for something we’ve done.  Karma extends far beyond this into receiving a balanced experience, this balances every experience not just the negative ones.  When we’ve been kind or generous to others this also is returned to us later in one life or another so we’ll have a balanced experience of giving and receiving.

Being kind to others now and those we’ve been kind to will also be kind to us at a future point.  When being tempted to throw rocks at someone remember we’ll be rewarded for this too.


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