Knowing the Future and Knowing What to Do About It – Part 2

Continued from part 1 . . .

Before jumping into action fighting for what we believe is the correct path to take let’s reflect with our guidance for a larger view.  Let’s say we had a vision of a loved one dying from a disease.  What are we going to do?  If we’re a healer or we know a healer the answer seems clear cut.  We’d set out to do battle with the health challenge to bring about a cure for the disease or at least prolong the life of our loved one.  The Divine perspective is about the appropriateness of all actions.  The question then would be, is our loved one at a spiritual decision point about continuing on in this incarnation?  If so our efforts to heal the disease may be futile or even counter productive.  No matter what we do the Divine Will is gong to be done in spite of our intension  desires or actions.  In fact we may even cause a longer lingering at the edge of death with additional discomfort or pain.  Would we want this to be?  I can’t imagine we would wish this upon anyone especially one we love.

In considering any course of action no matter what it is, let’s ask some questions from our guidance with the intension of knowing as much as can found out about what we’ve sensed from our intuition.  If our sense of the future seems a high potential we’re benefited in asking the appropriate questions to know the best course of action before charging ahead with any action so we can avoid anything ill-advised.  Knowing what all the conditions are will help find the best action to take if, in fact any action is appropriate.  Our guidance knows what is available to be known based on potentials about any situation we face.  We’re not always given all the facts so we can make our own choices in Free Will.


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