Knowing the Future and Knowing What to Do About It – Part 1

Knowing the future isn’t all you may think or would like it to be.  What would you do if you could see parts of your future or that of a loved one?  Seeing the future is more complicated than many would think it is.  Nothing is written in stone or even in magic marker, the future is variable.  The future is about the highest potential based on the energy of today.  Tomorrow everything may change as will the potential future.  As an example; let’s say you knew you would have a flat tire next week so you get it replaced now.  This is a good thing, right?  Maybe not, if that flat tire was going to stop you from being in an accident and you fixed it before it went flat, you could end up being in that accident you would have avoided because of the flat tire.  Knowing the future and knowing what to do about it isn’t an easy thing, the complexity is staggering.

When you feel you know something will happen then it’s a high potential, but it’s not necessarily a sure thing.  The future is all about potentials which are fluid by nature.  These potentials are like a river of energy.  As with any river it can change course to take a new direction when the conditions call for it.

We have Free Will to do whatever we want which gives us potentials of what we may most likely do and maybe not do.  The variables increase as the number of choices we have expands.  The metaphor just came to mind of a spinning top.  When set in motion we seldom know where it will go.  Now place a hundred spinning tops in motion on a table.  Which ones will bump into which of the others?  The potentials are immense.  When one top bumps into another they are then sent toward yet other tops.  This is how our lives are.  The actions of one person sets up a chain of events, how others react to this will determine the next set of likely potentials.  Based on those actions we have possibilities of higher potentials and lower potentials.  Each of these will cascade into the lives of yet others, each setting up more potentials.  Our three dimensional minds are limited in perceiving the vastness of these potentials so we can at best only view a limited portion of future possibilities.


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