The Relationship with our Guidance

Many ask guidance daily for help although the majority seems not to be aware of this resource.  Some seemly have no knowledge of guidance going through life without acknowledging their presence.  Our guidance will be next to us waiting in silence to be noticed or acknowledged for as long as it takes to be seen.  There is a difference in asking for guidance when we have questions or we’re feeling stuck and actively seeking a greater connection with our guidance.  It’s much like having a friend or mentor to talk with verses asking them to move in with you.  To actively seek a full time connection with our guidance we ask to connect with them on the deepest level bringing the Higher–self into us.  When we actively seek this permanent connection with our guidance we cause a change to occur in both our guidance and in ourselves creating a change in the very relationship between us.  Much like reaching out to someone we know seeking a closer friendship, this will cause a change in us as well as them.

Who is our guidance? This relationship is all too often misunderstood.  Many see our guidance as being “someone else” who has been assigned to them.  Our guidance is actually the rest of our Soul.  Many names are given to these parts such as the higher-self or guides or even our guide set, these are just some of the names we use and none are incorrect.  No matter what we call our guidance they’re the other parts of us which couldn’t enter the third dimension as we journey here.  Much like a long distance runner has support from those along the way holding water bottles to help them on their challenge our guidance is with us every step along the way with advice and suggestions as we run through life.

For several reasons our soul must separate into many parts when we come onto the earth.  One reason is we are taking part in a test of energy here and the knowledge we’d have from being more complete would void this test.  A second reason is the spiritual power we have would be too great for our soul to exist here in its intact form.  Since the power we possess is far too much for the third dimension to hold we must come here in a distilled form to work on our journeys.

The desire of entering into a full time connection with the rest of our Soul becomes more important as we progress along our spiritual paths.  At the time we start inviting our greater parts to join us we also receive insights more often to help prepare us.  In time with this continued attention / intention we will reach our goal being blessed with a greater understanding and a greater partnership with the greater-self.

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