Do Shields Really Serve Us?

We may feel overwhelmed at times by everything around us.  We live in a world full of energies which are never at rest.  Experience is required to manage the constant interaction with our senses from these energies surrounding us.  Many call for help from the guides and Angels asking to be protected from all that troubles them.  A wound is protected under a bandage in much the same way a shield protects sensitive spots within us from being irritated by stimulation from outside.

Learning to place shields and barriers to block these energies became a way of life in the past for some to live behind a wall of protection.  At some point it may become clear these shields do not always serve our highest good.  The downside to having many shields surrounding us is when we are actually held back from growth in some areas.  What was once seen as a protection is then seen to restraining us in certain ways.  A shield could inhibit the progress in learning to manage the very energies we’re seeking protection from.  This is to say we can’t hide behind a wall and expect to learn about what’s on the other side.  Being exposed to life teaches us management skills thus desensitizing us to the energy we were hiding from.  The constructing of selective shields or variable shields is less commonly thought of which seems a better temporary solution if used judiciously.  A general shield as most would think is always on at full force blocking out things we may be best served to know of as well as what we don’t want to experience. (which may actually be one in the same)  Shields may inhibit some of our psychic awareness and communications slowing down our progress.

At times we meet people who are very open and sensitive being overcome by the energies finding no peace from them.  Shields are useful when applied to “limit the overload” while still allowing us to learn the management skills of energy.  As we learn the management of energies we find what was an overwhelming feeling has diminished and so the desire to hide behind a shield is no longer urgent.  At this time we can drop the shields and barriers becoming open to receive and perceive that which is around us.


2 thoughts on “Do Shields Really Serve Us?

  1. At times I’ve found it helpful to put up a screen or filter, rather than a shield. This has helped to keep away unwanted, and even harmful, energies, but allow the energy that I need to come in (even if not pleasant/lessons).

    • Yes, indeed filters are good, thanks for mentioning it. I’ve used this for cell phone radiation with a skin tight filter. A variable shield will work in much the same way when on a weaker level. LOL Our lessons aren’t always “fun” are they, although they are much needed for our growth.

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