Seeing Greater Possibilities

As a child I and others I know were finding ourselves distracted by daydreams.  Our parents and teachers were not impressed by the seemingly lack of attention we exhibited.  Those daydreams were actually the exercising of some quantum parts of our minds.  If anyone wonders we are designed to think quantumly.  Our daily lives and the limits of others prevent or hinder most of us from seeing or exercising these quantum portions of our consciousness.  When we dream we’re thinking quantumly which explains why many times dreams seem to make little sense.  Dreams occur in a timeless sense, we see people together with others which could not happen in a three dimensional world and things happen beyond the physics we believe to exist.

Having an imagination is more useful then some may think.  It helps us to open our minds to see things we would not see if we remain confined in three dimensional rigid concepts.  We have the ability to think quantumly if release the perceptions of what we think is real and practice allowing our minds to explore other thoughts.


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