2013 – A Year Long Full Moon?

We’ve long known of how people can act during a full moon, even our police departments have more officers on duty during the full moon nights.  In this new post Procession of the Equinoxes energy we’ve just pasted the center point.  As we continue the journey passing through what Astronomers call the Dark Rift of our galaxy we’re still in the middle of the thirty six year transition period of the shift.  This year seems to have its challenges adjusting to these new energies.  We’re being treated (if you want to call it that) to a year of what may well feel like a continuous full moon.  Just like the full moon cycles we’re accustom to only this time we’re in this full moon energy daily.  We’re venturing into an exciting new time on earth although in this time there are those among us having difficulty staying in balance with the changing energy.  These people who are being challenged by the changes this sometimes brings a reaction of doing strange things and even resorting to setting off bombs or shooting others.

When the energy started changing nearly a year ago have you noticed the numbers of people acting strangely?  Watching the news shows how some people are doing terrible things or just in acting oddly saying strange things, so much so at times it seems contagious.  Daily it seems people are acting unusual to say the least, all we can do is wonder what brought them to this point.  Are these people just coming unglued, is it something in the food or is there a larger cause behind all of this?  Could there be something people are reacting to in the air or are we seeing a reaction to a new energy?

It may well look like our world is coming unglued at times as some people seem determined to react to the pressure of unseen forces.  For those aware of the earth changes we can see the possibility of its influence on people as many of us feel the shifting energy although we are aware of the conditions behind it.

Those things not being in integrity will fail to remain hidden in the coming times.  As the months pass by more and more whistle blowers will bring these things which have been going on into the light.  It’s up to each of us to choose the life and world we want to live, those who want the higher consciousness to be our new way of life must stand firm in this conviction rejecting the attempts of those using the old energy tactics of fear and control to remain in power.

We’re in the transition period of the shift to a new way of being which must occur in order to arrive at a higher consciousness.  In this time those unable or unwilling to make the change may well feel called to react out of desperation.  Some may become unpredictable while others may only be unpleasant, but change we must to bring the old energy of greed and dominance to a close entering into a new time of world peace once and for all.


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