Journey of Energy Healing – The Healing Crisis

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In talking with people about healing a few times there has been mention of an unpleasant reaction the day after a healing session.  Some have not heard of this before although several have known clients to experience this.  During training in Reiki the term “Healing Crisis” was used to describe an affect which sometimes happens the day after a healing.  The teacher didn’t have a reason or any suggestion about how to treating this condition.  This healing crisis term is one which is not that often spoken of especially to the client as it sometimes would predispose them to have one.  This could be true for some clients while others have had this healing crisis anyway which would eliminate the power of suggestion as a possible cause.

After some years of healing experience more information has come to be understood.  The name Healing Crisis seems to be a misnomer, this isn’t really a “crisis” of any kind.  I believe the name came to be used due the mystery about what causes the condition.  In finding a better understanding of the events leading to this so called crisis we’d offer this analogy.  Let’s say we’ve been carrying a thirty pound suitcase in the same hand all day long for weeks.  We’ve somewhat learn to compensate and adjust for the extra weight on one side of our body.  One day someone tells us that we can put the suitcase down.  In doing this we’d feel off balance as we’ve become accustom to the extra weight which was actually keeping us from being in balance all along.

That thirty pound suitcase is like the energy blockages we carry without even knowing they’re with us.  The usefulness of having some internal house cleaning done in our body and our auric field accomplishes much the same result as dropping the suitcase.  When we experience a profound healing it could shift our energy enough to upset our balance.  Regardless of our energy being in balance or out of balance, if it’s been that way for a long time we become accustom to that state as being “normal.”  A sudden change in normal upsets the apple-cart   At this point our physical and bio-electrical centers are displaced from the normal state to being in disharmony.  This leads to feeling out of sorts or even ill in more extreme cases for a day or two until our energy field re-centers itself.  The resolution and prevention to this is to readjust the physical and bio-electrical energies after doing major work with a client or even if we suspect we may have done so.  In learning the use of Aurora Source Radiance we’re shown how to accomplish the re-balancing of the energy fields in only a minute or two which can save a great deal of discomfort.  In continued work with the Aurora Source energy after learning a new technique I located over eight hundred objects in my energy fields that were not visible before which were no longer serving my highest good.  Even though I’ve been doing deep clearing for many years with continual learning, imagine the surprise.  Being one to keep track of my energy only to find so many objects was a bit of a shock.  Along with the new energy the earth has entered we also have new processes to learn as the old ones fade away.  With greater learning we usually see everything in a new way or see old things in a new light.


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