Breaking the Rules of Roles – A New Balance

Growing up we’re imprinted with concepts which are accepted by our society.  These include but are not limited to the accepted roles of feminine/masculine which is expected of us.  For centuries the earth has been dominated by the masculine energy, just ask any feminist group they’ll tell you this has been the state of the energy on Earth.  Don’t misunderstand me they’re correct, the Earth has been dominated by masculine energy although seemingly inappropriate this is the way it has been due to the conditions that have existed.  The way it was, has been shifting slowly in the past decade much to the disappointment of those wishing it to remain in the old energy forever.  Those comfortable in this old energy of male dominance, greed and low integrity have mastered how to work within it will resist any attempt to change it.

Our Earth is changing too so the energy shifts towards a greater Divine understanding in support of balancing our feminine/masculine to serve us better in relating with each other.  Although we’re not all consciously aware of these changes never the less we’re all affected by them.  The changes involving our Earth’s energy directly relate to the energy changes of all life on the Earth.  We’re inseparably connected together.  The vibration rate of the Earth itself has been shifting higher as we shift to maintain the balance.  This shift is one of human consciousness itself rising to the highest level it’s been yet in human history.  From the daily news it’s hard to tell our conditions are getting any better, in fact the contrary seems true.  The reports of killings and attacks are on the rise, the governments secrets are also being exposed while our weather is changing.  We seem faced with problems more than a blessing.

Human consciousness changes very slowly to prevent any shock or discomfort along with the desires of some not to change in any way for any reason.  We make change much slower than most of would like to see, we’re just impatient to get on with the program.

In the new energy we are called to be more balanced than in the past.  The Earth’s energy is shifting out of the Masculine dominance into a balance with the Divine Feminine.  If you’re a guy don’t worry, we’re not going to be overcome by a proliferation of Goddess energy.  This new energy will soften the old male dominance energy bringing a new balance to the masculine energy ending the condition of being out of balance for centuries.  We are in a time calling for the males to be more compassionate and females to be more assertive.  In being assertive this is not in an aggressive way but rather in the confidence of their power as a Divine Being.  In this way we come to a point of balance in equality of the Feminine and Masculine energies.

Accepting the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies within us we’ll learn to work together as one in the new energy of Earth, this will become the new state of the human being.



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