The question was asked, “Where do you get your information?”

The question was asked about where I get my information as what I write does not conform to accepted beliefs. (I’ve written about Misconceptions)  What I write is mostly about spiritual matters, some will say these are advanced while others will reject them as unbelievable ranting, a few question my sources.  My source is the same as is available to everyone if they will only ask the questions seeking the answers.  I don’t go through piles of books or listen to tapes of what other people think, I go to the Source of everything to get it directly.  Perhaps I ask different questions as I want to know how it all works.  As is with all divine information even if we ask the same question we’re given what we’re ready to comprehend in terms we’ll understand, nothing more nothing less.  This path of asking deep questions is one I’ve been on for a long time.  A few times friends have thought I was so far out there I may fall off the edge.  The world is not flat nor is the universe so I have no fear of falling off the edge.  As with any message those with the ears to hear it will and those not hearing the message are invited to pass it by although I suggest remembering it as it may find a place to rest within their being later.  I could “tone it down” to be better understood or even be popular although this would not be following my heart or passion in presenting what I’ve come to see in its fullest form.  So I’ll remain true to myself writing from my heart in hopes these words find a home.




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