What is the Dark?

Are there Dark Beings? Is the Dark after me?  The darkness is truly only the absence of Light.  The darkness is the other side of Duality and part of our consciousness while we’re here on Earth.  The Dark and Light form a balance creating duality so duality could not exist without both being present.

The darkness has no concept we’re even here as it has no consciousness of its own.  There are no Super Dark Beings out to get everyone by stealing their Souls.  This may and could well put a burr under the saddle of some reading this but it’s most likely those people wouldn’t even be reading this anyway.  The religious mythology of a Dark Being is meant to control the masses keeping them in the organization of the religion as a servant to that organization fueling its expansion.  To debunk much of the myths of religious lore the only Dark Beings are the ones human consciousness has created.  As a creation of the human consciousness their power is limited compared to the power we have as long as we are not in fear of them.  Once a human has given a dark intent then the energy has as much consciousness as was in the intent and only that much.  Once we drop into fear even on a limited scale we lower our vibration rate and give our power to those lesser dark beings.

When a higher truth is seen we learn the purpose of religion/spirituality is to find Mastery.  Mastery is not found within the walls of any organization following a set doctrine.  Mastery is an individual pursuit not a group endeavor.  There are no set doctrines since we are all different we each have a different set of items to learn.  For this very reason a book on “How to Ascend” would not work.  The only writing which would help is a list of things to learn on the path of Mastery.

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