The Many U’s

UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU  No the key didn’t get stuck.  This is a representation of our incarnations.  U are many more than you may think.  We have many incarnations and each are us or U depending on how we view them.  Having visited some past incarnations and seeing the self within them and them within “me” it has become clearer how the differences are less than formerly believed.  Hopefully the “I” of this now has grown beyond the “I” of a past now’s limitations. 

In contacting “past” incarnations of the one I love most I see them within her as each of those other incarnations holds a portion of her “now” being.  The amount of the portion depends on how far back they are.   In so doing this journey into the “past” to find her incarnations I have come to understand her better.

Since time is an illusion and those “past” incarnations are still currently living in a different time frame separated from us by a shift in the frequency of time we can connect with them with a thought.   Don’t ask me to explain it beyond that, it took a few minutes to find a way to put this into words which are understandable even to this extent.  Needless to say it’s likely to be a more advanced concept than a 3D mind can conceive of.  (at least mine)


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