The Circle of Life – What happened still happens

We see life as a line from here to there but life is more like a circle.  In the third dimension we are only expect to see things in a linear fashion as seeing beyond that is a matter of reading a greater existence.  We start and finish at the same point as we transition to and from “the other side.”   We make these circles in both our individual incarnation cycles and again as we complete larger groups of many incarnations reaching Mastery although we still finish at the same point.

In the strictly Divine sense there is only the Now, everything is in the every-present now always.  What was before is still going on now, time as we think of it is an illusion.  This illusion of time is for our benefit to compensate for our limited three dimensional perception.  Every life/incarnation we’ve had is still happening even though we believe them to be long ago finished.  What happened in one incarnation cascades to each other incarnation in the circle affecting all equally.  Much like having a glass of water, when placing a few drops of food coloring into it, soon the entire glass of water has the coloring.  The energy of a past event in one incarnations travels to the rest of our incarnations visiting each equally unless the awareness is higher than vibration of the event.  When one of our incarnation acts in a “less than Divine way” all every incarnations will pick up the karma from that action.  Is this fair?  It most certainly is.  After all each one of those incarnations was/is still us, we did it so we also have the chance to clean it up too.   Now clearing up the karma is another subject.  How do we clean up something we don’t know is there?  In one way this is a reason these things wait for us to find them.  Sooner or later we’ll find them, it may be due to our knowing about them or we may have them pointed out so we can work on them.  If we’ve come to the understanding of working with the karmaic issues then we’re even closer to clearing them.  Many challenges of karma can be cleared by others although not every item is open for someone else to clear.  In these the karmaic exchange is very personal most likely having forgiveness involved with the possibility of an emotional release all which benefit/depend on the personal effort.  There are many who can help clear karma, some are more effective than others so references, referrals then asking a trusted psychic to check and see if the work was completed would be beneficial.

How much karmic work do we have to work through?  Most of us have been here for hundreds of incarnations.  In that time we’ve been through a lot, we had some unbelievable things happen to us and we’ve done our share to others as we’ve learned.  Some of us deny having ever done terrible things or having any karma yet to resolve.  The reservoir of karma is usually very deep as we’ve all taken our turns in gaining experience.


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