Accepted Misconceptions – The Great Central Sun


This view point is offered for contrast and consideration.  An accepted misconception is a commonly held belief arrived at from drawing conclusions based on limited information or from the misunderstanding of a metaphor to build a plausible theory to explain something.  Misconceptions repeated through the generations come to be accepted and thought of as the way it is.


The Great Central Sun

Spirituality/metaphysics understandings are by no mans without metaphors.  Much of what we hear in metaphysics is channeled information on some level or derived from channeled messages.  Many times our Divine sources speak in metaphors to help us to understand the concept they’re relating to us.  Metaphors can be short only being a few words or much longer.  Metaphors are often taken literally without knowing it was meant as a metaphor.  The Great Central Sun is the first metaphor which comes to mind.  Some have said this is a huge Sun somewhere in the middle of the Universe where God lives.

Just for fun we’ll take a somewhat logical look at this and we’ll make some statements/assumptions;

  • Metaphysics and many religions state God is everywhere.

In a state of multi-dimensional entanglement we are everywhere being part of everything in every moment.

  • God is said to have created everything, if so nothing existed before God made it then even space was empty without having physical form.

The concept of “nothingness” is troubling to some.  We’ll overlook the view of energy being “something” since for most if it can’t be seen there’s nothing there.  In a Divine view of nothingness or emptiness these are not a void.  Emptiness is a space of unlimited potential where everything is possible.  Much like a glass being half empty or half full, it’s all in the perspective.

  • If there were not any physical forms then God must be a conscious energy without form.
  • If those conditions were true the Universe would have been created from God’s own consciousness.

As a conscious energy God would not have a need for a place to live like a physical being would expect to have.

  • If God created the Universe this dictates everything in the Universe is a part of God being from the consciousness of God.

We’ve placed human attributes on God through out the centuries to rationalize the concept of a Supreme Being into terms we can relate to.  If God is everywhere why would God need a special place to live?  Every where/thing is a part of God without exception so God’s home would seem to be everywhere as well.  This means every atom, molecule and cell are made from the consciousness of God.  This includes everything from the trees to the toaster.  We sit in a chair which is God, we breathe the air which is God and all that we see is God including our bodies.

Channeled information suggests the Great Central Sun is the metaphor for what’s in the center of every atom.  (It’s a little different than science would agree to but then they’re working with a theoretical model of how the energies are and are not arranged.)  God is the Great Central Sun in the center of every atom of matter everywhere in the Universe.  The metaphor was just taken literally in a three dimensional view, in so doing the full impact of its beauty and significance was overlooked.


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