Truth, Common Convention or Accepted Misconception

We agree to call red, red but this does not make it red, it could really be blue just as easily.  This illustrates common convention, we agree to put a particular label on something so we’ll have an understanding from one person to another.

Truth would seem as an absolute although it may be more subjective in nature.  In mathematics we agree that two plus two equals four is a true statement.  Although this is based on the common convention of the numerical values involved.  This brings up the question about the characteristics of “truth.”  By nature the human perspective sees one truth therefore everything else is false.  Those having given great thought to the possibilities are less sure truth is an absolute.  It’s possible there could be a truth, a better truth, a more complete truth, a greater truth. . . .  Those on a spiritual path have no doubt seen what was held as truth be upgraded with a better understanding which forms a higher truth.  It’s happened to once or twenty times with many of us.  Truth also has a perception aspect to it as in a personal truth.  What one person finds to be true from personal experience another may not have had that experience feeling it outside the accepted misconception they hold as truth making it completely unacceptable to them.

Accepted Misconceptions are a tricky one to handle.  The first thing coming to mind is “the world is flat.”  By the time we sent a camera into space to bring back the pictures almost everyone has given up on this one.  Don’t laugh, not everyone has seen the pictures yet.  This is how everyone or the majority holds a misconception believing it to be true.  Misconceptions are developed on conclusions drawn from limited or incomplete set of quantifiable facts.  Misconceptions are very common especially for things which can’t be added up or measured having little or no quantifiable information.  When we depart the relatively structured world of Physics entering the realm of Metaphysics we encounter a great deal of misconception over how things work.  Some of the favorites will get singled out in separate writings to have the light shown upon them.


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