Journey of Energy Healing – The Dreaded Implant

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In the circles of energy healers the implant has been a subject of concern for a long time.  Implants are etheric objects placed in the energy field of our body for various reasons none of which are seen as good although many did serve a useful purpose at one time.  We’ve all pick up etheric energies which are usually from past life traumas or injuries.  We don’t seem able to go through hundreds of incarnations without gathering just a few of these energies.  Implants are specifically construction complex devices having been intentionally placed for a purpose which is how these differ from other etheric objects in our energy systems.

Implants were created for a number of reasons;

Medical implants, I’ve seen medical implants which compensated for health challenges from organ malfunction to a broken back, these are very common.

Protection implants, these are usually from military times, protecting the individual from psychic attack/control from opposing forces which also blocks normal psychic awareness which we try to gain more of these days.

Surveillance or Control implants, these are self explanatory in nature.  Some civilizations were told these were to protect them if they ever got hurt they could be found and helped but these kept track of everywhere they went and who they were with as well as what they were doing.  This category is for the most part human mythology as it takes a higher consciousness to create an implant which has no interest controlling anyone.

Spiritual Enhancement implants, these were made to increase awareness/sensitivity, usually being placed in the chakras or in the head.

Where they came/come from;

Most of us wouldn’t think of Ancient cultures as having the know how to construct a complex etheric device and implant it but this is only limited thinking.  A number of civilizations had the understanding to achieve this.  Very few Alien implants exist on earth, since we don’t carry these in with us from other worlds.  (you’ve most likely been there too)  Our Akashic record is earth based only so to have one it would have been implanted while we’re here on earth.  Today we think of technology as having machines to do things with, in most ancient cultures these were not available.  Constructing an implant is a matter of what we understand and the ability of our minds to create them.

There are individuals today with the ability to create and implant these objects.  The only implants I’ve found currently being installed are all tracking/monitoring type devices.

So why do we still carry these with us?

When an etheric object is introduced into our energy system it becomes energetically part of us as far as the Akashic record is concerned.  When passing from the life in which it was installed it remains in the Akashic records.  When we return for the next incarnation we pick up our akashic attributes with the implant still being part of it since it’s now part of us too.  Life after life we carry this with us, most of these no longer serve us and many are a discomfort to have without our knowing why.

Finding them;

Scanning for these or any object is the most effective when directly looking for them.  Many implanted energy objects can be “hidden” from detection with any one of four major levels complicating the search.  To further inhibit the removal many of the surveillance types have protection on them so they will not be deactivated.


12 thoughts on “Journey of Energy Healing – The Dreaded Implant

    • Thank you for the wonderful question. In thinking about how to respond to your question I quickly see it will take more than a few words to make an adequate reply. I’ll start writing about the procedure I’ve learned to sense and identify energy objects. As our perceptions are all different the hope is this could be useful in some way to help others identify energies of all types.

      Thank you again, I will begin writing about “Identifying Energy Objects”

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