The Illusion of Death – We’re Reusable

The vision of the afterlife and being welcome through the Pearly Gates for your everlasting vacation in Heaven is a well known scenario to a large portion of those following a structured religion in the world today.  It’s a nice vision and comforts so many removing the uncertainty of what will happen at the time of Death.  Many religions have teachings which contain some form of an afterlife.

Metaphysically we have a different view of what will happen in the physical rejuvenation called death.  (Most of us would like to rejuvenate but we’re not really thrilled about this way of being young again.)  We’ll be with everyone we’ve known in the “afterlife” which is just a continuation of our life in a different form until such time as we come back to physical form again with those we love experiencing a new life together yet again.  Have you ever met someone you felt close to not knowing why?  They may be a friend from a past life.  Have you ever met someone you just couldn’t stand to be near?  They may have been anything but a friend from a past life.  Our bodies are a vehicle for the human expression on Earth. We return so many times as we continue to learn the lessons of being greater than we thought we were.

In the moment of transformation (death) when we step back into our Angelic energy form we’re greeted by so many other Angelic Beings surrounding us to assist in those first seconds of transition while we’re still in a state of confusion.  This transitional confusion last for just one breath then we see the truth of reality as those Angelic Beings gathered around us welcome us home as we remember everything we knew about the truth of life before our incarnation started.  Some of us make this journey hundreds of thousands of times going from spiritual to incarnation then returning to the spiritual form so often we should have gotten a season pass.  Just as a note the Angelic view of being an incarnate on Earth is very different than we believe our life here is.  The Angels see this as fun and exciting taking the challenge of incarnate life testing their skills in navigating life when they don’t remembering who they are, at the same time they enjoy the beauty of nature.  An Angel even finds the color of a Coca-Cola Truck to be a wonderful shade of Red, they see beauty everywhere.

If there is an interest in knowing why we keep coming back here, further background about this in Why are we Here? and It’s just a Divine Job.


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