A Metaphor about the Cycle of Life

81884437-every-drop (1)

The Life of a Rain Drop

A great lake sits in its own space being at rest in complete peace

The waters of the great lake evaporate to leave the peace of this lake

The vapor joins other water vapors forming into vast clouds traveling the sky driven by the winds

In the clouds each water vapor will do what it is the water vapor will do

In time the vapor coalesces into a drop

The drop can’t remain in the cloud being too heavy begins the journey from the cloud

Once the drop lands in the great lake of Source it rejoins the waters of the lake

Every drop is joined together as one great pool, none being separate from any other drop

We can not even count the drops in the Great Lake of Source, there are too many


We are as drops of water from a great lake of Source.  We change forms to be on Earth only to return to our original form all at the proper moment.  From the great lake being the pool of consciousness known as Source/God/??? which is our origin.  When making a commitment to enter this three dimensional world to have more experience, our Soul separates into parts.  We couldn’t manifest here existing physically as our entire Soul without reducing our power.  One of these parts is our three dimensional consciousness, another is known as our Higher-self, the rest act as our Guides.  We join with others we’ve incarnated with before continuing our experiences on Earth being driven by the forces of Karma/Duality.  We have our incarnations doing the best we can to follow our path in life with Free Will as we learn and grow.  Reaching the end of an incarnation being ready to transition back to Source we leave the third dimension reformed with our Guides once again as our complete Soul returning to Source as a part of the greater Consciousness.  Our consciousness is connected with every other consciousness in the Universe being an integral part of Source/God.  We’ve again rejoined Source having our minds are free from the Linear thinking of the three dimensional world understanding we’re One with everything.  There is no counting in a multidimensional existence, we are many. 


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