Who’s an Old Soul?

Do you have a sense that you’ve been here before and you’re ready for a change?

Have you ever felt tired of being here?  If you believe in re-incarnation do you think this must be your last life here?  Most likely you qualify as an “Old Soul.”  If so, you’ve been here racking up the mileage of incarnation after incarnation getting ready for what? Is it graduating to become an Ascended Master so you can finally go home on a permanent vacation?  I know I’ve been here too long from the view point of a three dimensional perspective.  I once believed I was going home this time, finally.  Please tell me I’m done here.  This felt so real to me in my wishful thinking but it’s too good to be true for me even though I thought I’ve had enough being ready for some serious time off.  I was then shown a higher truth about why we’re here.  I’m not sure if this will help anyone feel better but I’ll pass it along just in case.

Much to the disappointment of many Old Souls we continue to return here again and again being committed to completely the divine work we asked to do.  As much as some of us believe we’re here once then go home (to heaven) while others feel we’re here much longer before we go home.  This is where we serve for the betterment of the universe, we’re the specialist of incarnation.  We’ve got a resume with a long list of accomplishments.  No matter if we’ve just landed here for your first incarnation as a Newbie or we’ve been working this planet for centuries we where all somewhere else before this.  Old soul, newbie or somewhere in between we’re here to work on a project involving the Earth.

If we knew of half the things we’ve done in “life” here we’d be amazed at some and weep over what we’ve been through in others.  Some would ask, why are we even here?  We gain so much experience while we’re here taking part in the energy project on Earth.


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