Subtle Energies

Everything in the universe is made of energy.  We are surrounded by energy which seems to be in a solid form to us.  Some may already be wondering what I’m talking about after many years of bumping into things in the dark, everything seems pretty solid when we run into it.  We think of energy as being something we can’t touch without getting hurt although the reality we’re not as aware of extends a bit beyond that.  In a spiritual view the solid forms of energy are those things around us we use to build physical structures with or as food.

Intellectually we know the conversion of mass into energy then back into mass must be possible.  We already convert mass into energy although not very cleanly, in the case of a nuclear bomb it’s also very messy.

In a very esoteric view we see the world and universe as energy existing in different forms.  Just as an esoteric intellectual exercise let’s say we could restructure energy (Just like an Angelic Being) into different shapes forming them to suit our desires.  All energy has a vibration rate, much like color.  We have many colors each being a slightly different vibration/frequency but all are visible to us.  Energy is also available in vastly different frequencies beyond our sight.  Let’s say we have a set of energies grouped much like colors which range from red to violet.  If we could condense these into solid forms then red could not pass through green nor any other color.  If we imagine we are the color green we could sit on blue and cut the orange color to build a house with.  We can work with any of these energies from red to violet as solid matter since we are in the same visible energy set.  If someone from ultra violet came to visit they’d be from a different energy/color set being able to walk through our energy set as if it weren’t there.  They would also be invisible to us as we would be to them without special equipment to shift the frequencies.  Different dimensions and/or parallel dimensions have different frequency sets.

The other intangible energies are the ones we’re the least familiar with or comfortable with.  These subtle intangible energies exist in many forms.  When they’re within our energy fields they will range from what no longer serve or is interfering with us to those of the highest vibration, all of which can and will affect our daily lives.  An advantage to focusing on working with subtle energy is a wider understanding of how they affect us.

We’ve all been through so many incarnations.  If we knew everything we’ve done in life many would amaze us while others would take us to our knees weeping in sorrow.  In each one we could pick up lower energies deriving from many sources including implants, injuries and traumas from our incarnations.  These energies can manifest themselves as emotional challenges, physical health challenges or spiritual blockages.  It’s been seen from the experience in working with these energies they are not automatically dropped at the end of each incarnation.  As such we end up carry these energies into each new incarnation as we progress along our path.  If we or someone else sees these energies we have the opportunity to work past them, we needn’t keep them with us any longer.  Some of these old energies are even hidden from detection or even hiding in our chakras to further avoid being detected.  Yet others seem to follow the “onion principal” not surfacing to be healed until it’s time after others have been cleared.  Once detected these can be skillfully removed unless they’re part of the karmic experience, if karma is involved the karma is required to be cleared first before the object can be removed.  If those unaware of the karma connection with an object attempt to remove that energy it will either remain (or come back in an hour or so) or it will go into a “cloaked” status so it will seem the removal was successful.  No one is immune from these energies, its part of our incarnations and the learning experience to see them for what they are.

Many seem to believe they couldn’t be affected by an unseen force of some subtle energy.  The universe has its own plan independent of what anyone thinks or don’t think is real.  Some would say Free Will determines how the universe reacts to the thoughts of the individual.  This has little effect on the operation of the grand scheme of the universe, only the outcome of making choices about actions to follow which may bring Karma into play.  Subtle or any other energy could have a karma associated with them or even a contract.  When these subtle energies are related to Karma they could be thought of as a subset to karma called “Cause and Effect.”  Contracts in spiritual terms are agreements made with darker energies for some purpose (maybe not that much different from any other contracts we know about) without any end date.   A contract stays in affect until it is concluded no matter how long this takes, unless the contract is closed early by direct intervention from someone experienced in dealing with these agreements.  Just as a note to those feeling they would never make a contract with a darker energy I’ll point out we’ve had many hundreds of incarnations surviving some pretty hard times with lives taking us to places we wouldn’t like to think about now.  Some have been forced to “make a deal” just to keep living.

To demonstrate one aspect of an attached energy we can look at a metaphor about a nail in the tire to illustrate what’s being suggested.  The tire is our energy system.  When we have a flat tire we may find a nail (subtle energy object) in the tire which is responsible for the loss of air pressure (energy).  Even if the nail is no longer there, even if we don’t see it the wound is still present allowing air to escape.  Finding the nail or where the nail was leads to the repair/correction of the tire restoring the integrity.

The clearing of these subtle energies can have profound results.  Many people have been helped to feel better and/or progress faster by the correcting/clearing of subtle energies which are not theirs.  No two healers are the same, each has different abilities, tools and experiences in energy work.


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