Talking with Myself

We welcome you to our midst

We are the reservoir of all understanding

All that you wish is within us

We are timeless and boundless in every moment

Now that we have your attention

We wish to bring you peace of mind in all things

Know that the illusion is temporary

Peace is forever

Join us in a moment of union

We are known to you as your guide set

We are one in the same with you

Unite with us on a grander scale

We will teach you more

We have made this contact with you for your betterment


A channeled message from my Soul, this message applies to everyone wanting to connect with their higher-self 

Our soul is comprised of many parts known to us as our guides or guide set while we are here as an incarnate being.  Some people think their guides are some one else and those guides change at times.  When we see our guides as they are, as part of us, we understand how much of a team we really are.  Asking your guides for help is like asking your left hand to help your right hand; it’s going to happen if we allow it to.


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