Who is I AM

Am I as tall as the tallest tree?

Am I as flexible as a blade of grass?

Am I a wisp of smoke?

Do I flow as a great river?

Do I blow in the wind as the grains of sand?

Do I feel like the warmth of the Sun?

Am I the drops of rain?

Am I the gentle love of a mother?

Am I the protection of a father?

Do I refresh you as a cool breeze?

Do I nourish the wanting mind?

Do I heal the aching heart?

Am I just a whisper in your mind?

Am I able to touch your heart?

Am I holding your hand as you journey?

I am all things to some and nothing to others

I am all you see

I am all you don’t see

I was here yesterday

I will still be here tomorrow

I am here for you when you’re ready

I AM that which I Be


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