Finding Freedom

What is Being Free?  Being free is a long spoken of subject with a wide range of definitions.  So what is it and where do we find this freedom?  If we haven’t the concept of what it is then how will we know if we’ve found it?  Have you known or known of a person that was always calm, even if the carton of eggs fell on the floor?  This is a person which has found the freedom from stress or has the inner peace of a master.  Most of us would say only a Buddhist priest or someone on tranquilizers could remain untouched by the emotions from dropping a carton of eggs on the floor.  Actually a Buddhist monk may even laugh at the sight while they clean up the mess.

Having freedom has been defined in many terms; financial freedom, social freedom and independence of movement are just a few of the areas we talk about being free.  The personal freedom of our spirit over the illusion of confines which Duality presents is the ultimate freedom encompassing every other aspect of physical life especially from emotional reactions.  Our personal freedom is a product of what we’ve learned and understood about our nature of existence and the nature of the duality we live in on the third dimension.

Meditation is an important tool; we hear this often and many feel there must be another way, I’m too busy to sit still and meditate.  Besides being busy the perception of meditation is that it’s boring!  Learning to meditate is easier than some would think.  There are many ways to meditate and many places to learn one.  Meditation can be as simple as sitting quietly (no phone calls) and thinking about something pleasant. (also known as day-dreaming)  Allow your mind to wander to where ever it will go, if your thoughts go to an emotional upset then release it and think about better things.  Step by step you’ll improve, given a chance meditation would prove it self to be more interesting than watching the paint dry even on a slow day.  In decades past the energy of the Earth made it harder to get deep into meditation without spending a great deal of time relaxing just to find the way there.  The past few years have shifted the energy allowing a deeper state to be gained much faster thus reducing the total time required to feel the benefits of relaxation and to gain understanding.

It’s been said that “going within ourselves in meditation gets us in touch the spirit of the Creator,” and “all the answers we look for are already within us.”  We each have a gateway within us leading to the higher levels of creation.  Some will look high and low everywhere seeking the way to find God while others have a sense to look within.  The easiest place to hide something of value is in plain sight, so placing a gateway in each of us seems to be the last place we’d look.  The term “inner peace” is also used to describe the freedom from reactions which we receive when touching our own greater creation which is sometimes called the Higher-self or our Soul.  Finding this freedom is in meeting our true Divine Being personally, not just believing it’s out there somewhere but to have the first hand “knowing” that it exists here with us.

No matter which words are used to define the objective, the results are the same.  We learn to see our existence in a different light to resist the life long training in reacting to each emotional upset.  These reactions are confines of the duality we live in which trap the spirit until those confines are seen to be only illusions.  The single greatest freedom to be found is from the lower emotional states of mind in duality such as; fear, worry, anger, hatred, dishonesty, disloyalty, envy, loneliness, depression and drama.  There are more but this list covers many of them.

Seeing our true Divine nature in its unlimited form frees us from the doubt of its very existence opening the mind to even greater thoughts.  Finding the place in our minds where we can touch our own Divinity helps us break free from the cocoon of three dimensional encasement.  This opens us to the very realization of our Divinity when its time for each of us to spread our wings stepping into a greater awareness of our own part and place in the whole of existence.


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