The way we think is changing

Now that everyone has seen the 12/21/2012 date was not the end of the world (except for those feeling it’s only been postponed) we can talk more about what is really going on with the earth.

Several prophecies noted the 12/21/2012 date, the best publicized came from the Mayan’s.  Just like tossing a coin, every prophecy has a duality of the potential event giving us two possibilities, it will happen or it won’t happen.  The complexity in seeing the potentials of any event occurring increases as the number of individuals involved increases as does the length of time until the potential event.  The 12/21 event was a global event making it nearly impossible for an Ancient or anyone else to see the most likely outcome.  In stead the Mayan prophecy gave both potentials.  The Media latched onto the Dooms Day half to gain more listener ship and advertising completely ignoring the other aspect.  In the old energy of earth good news doesn’t sell, this will change in a few generations.  In short the Mayan prophecy predicted a time of the ending of a civilization (ours) “or” the beginning of a greater civilization.  I’ll mention here to start a greater civilization does not mean an old one must end first, any civilization can transform into a new way of thinking without ending merely by changing.  Changing is exactly what we are in the midst of doing.  The reason I say “midst” is due to we’ve been in this new cycle since about 1994.

Why did so few see the greater possibilities of the Mayan prophecy?  The Egos of modern humans suggests that the Ancients were primitive and couldn’t have known very much since they didn’t have modern scientific tools to show them how everything works.  This view is a bias of the Ego which very effectively blocks objective thinking.  The Ancient cultures had more understanding of the workings of the Universe from having a higher functioning DNA than we have today.  There’s far more to our DNA than simple biology especially in the multidimensional layers.  Today we only have around a 30% functionality of our DNA, far back in the Biblical times our DNA was much greater at around 75%.  The stories of many biblical characters living lives of 500 years or more seems like it must be a misprint to us today.  With all of our fine health technology today how could our Ancestors live so long?  The answer is in the DNA, we barely have a functional level of cellular replication and repair to squeeze out 80 years of life.  In addition to this low functional level we have all of the chemicals in our environment which do not serve our highest good.

The time of a great shift in consciousness has been entered.  We are now in a place to begin a new way of thinking to the Earth.  This shift is one of our human consciousnesses itself; the very nature of how we think is being remade day by day.  Our children have been changing in the way they think for many years now all to facilitate the newer way of being.  Human consciousness is unfortunately very slow to change but never the less human consciousness itself is changing.  Some of us will not change the way we think, those are the ones which will refuse to change until the last breath.  When they come back they will be born into a new energy inheriting this new consciousness.  What was once accepted as the way we are will no longer be acceptable.  We have the opportunity to proceed into a time of a higher consciousness where we no longer make war and the way we treat others is a fair one not taking advantage of the unaware for profit.  With individual and collective intension we will get to a state of higher consciousness.


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