It’s a Divine job we do

Have you ever felt tired of being here?  Do you think this must be your last life here?  Most likely you qualify as an “Old Soul.”  If so, you’ve been here clocking the mileage of incarnation after incarnation getting ready for what, graduating to become an Ascended Master so you can go home on a permanent vacation?  I once believed this to be true for myself, I’d had enough and I was ready for some serious time off.  I was then shown a higher truth about why we’re here being read a few highlights from my spiritual resume.  I’m not sure if this will help anyone feel better but I’ll pass it along just in case.

As much as many believe we’re here until we’ve mastered this physical dimension then go home (to heaven) this is where we serve the betterment of the universe, we’re specialist of incarnation.  Not all the beings in the universe have the qualifications to be here doing this work.  When we reach mastery we have the option of remaining as a master incarnating elsewhere to an advanced civilization or starting over as a Newbie to work our way up to mastery again.  It’s not appropriate for a Master to remain in physical form long term on a planet which has not gained a high enough level of understanding yet.  The term Newbie refers to the number of incarnations a person has had here on Earth or whichever planet they chose to work on in the current karma they’re working with.  We also move to new worlds as they are started to bring those civilizations to the point of enlightenment.  The Earth is the newest planet only now beginning to progress into enlightenment.  Most of us have been on many worlds before this one and will be on others after this.

The world is full of misunderstandings besides the one about becoming a master and going home.  The popular concept of Heaven and Hell was conceived of to control people, no such places exist.  The Universe is built on unconditional Love, as three dimensional beings we can not even fully comprehend the intensity of unconditional love, we have too many impurities getting in the way.  There is no place in a universe of unconditional love for a Hell to punish anyone.

The universe is made of many different layers labeled dimensions of which we’re on/in the third.  The third dimension (or fourth depending on if you consider time to be a dimension) is a place of linear thinking.  We think in straight lines one thing after another.  This is a very limited space to be in but a good place to learn.  Every Being in the universe is connected to everyone and everything else.  This link or connection is referred to as multidimensional entanglement.  In this state we know everything happening at every moment.  This is one basis for the statement God, the Creator, ____ (fill in the blank) is everywhere.  A second reason would be the universe was created from the energy of God then everything is part of God, therefore everywhere we go God is all around us, not to mention being part of us and in us as Divine Beings.

We are with everyone we’ve known in the “after life” which is just a continuation of life in a different form until we come back with those we love to experience physical life together again. Have you ever met someone you felt close to and didn’t know why? They may be a friend or lover from a past life. Our bodies are a vehicle for the human expression on Earth.

All of these are things we either find our way to seeing or not. It makes no difference in the universe if we see them or not.  It’s all about personal growth and seeing past the illusion of three dimensional life and the misunderstanding from those who just want to control everyone else.


2 thoughts on “It’s a Divine job we do

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