Earth Energy Systems (some of)

The earth is more complex than people would think; energy is also more complex than most would think.  Normally we think of energy as something we may not have much in the morning or something used to generate electrical energy.  Energy goes far beyond these definitions.  Energy is all around us on so many levels.  Some areas of science know there are energies we have yet to see but lack the way to measure them at the moment.  We will learn to harness some of these forms in the not too distant future while we learn to detect many more with scientific instruments.

When science can measure the energies which are already known to the spiritual/metaphysical communities we’ll have a good laugh together over how long it took them to make a machine to see what we already know is there.  So until science catches up with metaphysics we’ll just stay out on our limb knowing what we know.

The earth has many systems of energy; many are know on some level.  We have the lay lines on the surface which are not straight; they bend and curve as needed.  Sometimes the lines can be moved or will move if need be.  The intersecting node points of these lay lines could form a vortex or a portal depending on how the lines interact.

We also have energy grids both over the planet and under the surface on several levels.  One such grid over the planet was recently activated after 12/21/12.  This grid has been dormant for many thousands of years waiting for the day we would pass the shift point of consciousness.  Since it was activated on 3/6/13 to its first level we have a transmutational grid over the earth to assist in changing the lower vibrational energies of earth to higher energies.  It was just on 4/3/13 the transmutational grid was increased to its second level.  My understanding is, this grid has five levels so in time it will be increased yet again the next being sometime in July.

A very profound grid of the earth is called the Crystalline grid.  The name is a metaphor rather than an actual substance which forms it.  The metaphor of crystalline is to denote the ability to hold the energy vibration.  What makes this a profound grid is it records EVERYTHING we do, be it wonderful or not so great it’s all recorded.  (TeVo would die to have this technology)  The summation of all that has happened on earth since civilization began is what we live in today.  Today we’ve progressed past the middle point of the Shift on 12/21 where we are able to begin “overwriting” some of the darker energies of past events with the cooperation with the earth. (Gaia)

This Crystalline grid could also be thought of as our group karma.  As we grow and learn we remove the past imperfections replacing it with higher understanding.

These are not all of the energy grids of earth, only a few, the network of energies extends into the universe in many dimensions.


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