Who are we and what is this test about?

With some the topic of who we are as individuals has been a source of conjecture and conversation since civilization began.  Some are convinced we’re a product of chance only being here by a whim of fate.  Could there be a larger plan?  Are we here for a reason rather than by chance?

A commonly held view is one of our being small and a singular entity of little potential or ability.  This view has been promoted for centuries by those in places of power having the affect of keep us feeling small and from seeing our own greater potential.

Exploring a spiritual view would contend we’re much more than we have believed ourselves to be.  We are on Earth visiting this physical existence in the third dimension from what is commonly referred to as “the other side of the veil.”  The first question after this thought would be “Why don’t we know it?”  Most of us don’t remember anything about it, some of us intuitively know this to be true.  We’ve come here to the third dimension serving the greater good of the universe.  Not every angelic being is asked to be here, those here are a select group with the qualifications for the task.  We’re here taking part in a test of energy being conducted on earth.  This test is to see what a Divine being will do when faced with situations where a decision is to be made without having higher knowledge we possess to guide us.  What will they decide to do?  If we still remembered who we are having all of the knowledge we possess this wouldn’t be much of a test.

The first thing which happens when we accept coming to earth is we’re separated from most of our Divine essence.  We’re here only having awareness of but a fraction of our entire Soul.  This is so we’re able to exist in the third dimension.  If we were not here in this limited state we’d know everything, we could move in and out of this physical reality with a thought, manifest anything we want with just a thought, the list goes on.  The bottom line is we’d know ourselves as the Angelic beings we really are.  This is another part of the test, to see if we can find our way back to the knowledge of who we really are.

I wouldn’t want anyone to feel like a gold fish in a glass bowl but we’re watched constantly by the rest of the universe.  Our progress here is very important to all of creation.  We’re raising the status of the universe by our actions here, in spite of how we think it’s going here.  Especially now when we’re in the Shift of Consciousness, the entire human population is changing the way we think and act.  We’re growing out of greed and war into a time of peace and cooperation.  I won’t get too far into this subject now but this is a major reason some of us have been “going nuts” in the past few years, be it mass murder, mayhem or just coming off the wall, some people are having great trouble adjusting to these changes.  This change is a slow process but this time we’re succeeding having passed the half-way point already.  We’ve failed four times previously to make this transition, the last being in Atlantis which turned out to be the end of Atlantis.  We’ve all heard how that turned out, it was an unpleasant time for human rights to say the least.  This time we’ve got the upper hand on Duality (“The Single reason for Duality” writing is for another time soon) so we’ll become the most recent planet entering into ascended status.  There have been many civilizations making this transition before us, some of those we know of such as the Pleiadians, the Arcturians and the Orians.  We’re well on our way to being the next ones on the list.

3 thoughts on “Who are we and what is this test about?

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